The Lryix sacrifice


Kathrine kayz Fantasy

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In a world were supernaturals rule according to their ranks.






Dragons and lastly.

The Lryix, an ultimate supernatural and rare combination of many supernaturals.

In this world humans are nothing but useless pets of all supernaturals.

Humans serve and please their masters according to their ranks.

Silver eyes are the highest pet rank, they posses the gift of seduction and are owned by the second strongest supernatural masters, the Dragons.

Golden eyes are the second pet rank, they posses the gift of music and enchantment. They are owned by the third strongest supernatural masters, the Lycans and Hybrids.

Brown eyes, blue, yellow, green, etc are known as the third human pet rank ( A.K.A normal common pets ) they posses no power, talent or anything magical, they are owned by the third rank supernatural masters, the Werewolves, Shifters, Vampires and so on.

Red eyes, are known as the last human pet rank ( A.K.A the cursed or sacrifice pets ) these aren't even worthy to be called pets. They are hated, raped, abused, killed and tormented as the masters see fit.

Sadly that is my rank and this is my story.

***** TEASER *****

I kissed my master back desperately, his soft lips controlling my every move and arousing me even more. He lifted me up and settled me on his lap, before I could protest, his lips were back on mine in a more demanding way while his hand fondled my breast roughly.

He moved his other hand and groped my a*s as I gasped in pleasure while he took that chance and slipped in his tongue. He explored the taste of my mouth as I did the same, his mouth tasted like bitter wine and freshnes.


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