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life was always fair with me but I wasn't satisfied with anything. I always wanted more and that more made me what I am today.

I am helpless......
I am alone.........
I am shattered........
I am broken.............

I never care about all these words but the day when Hercules entered my life, I understood the meaning of all these words.

first Aryan broke me, I thought I'll move on, I'll start a new life, I'll forget everything and never trust any men again.

I was aware of Hercules, I knew he doesn't love me, he was only trapping me in the net of his love and I let him do that.

as our Ancestors told us many times about love like "love is blind" this is what happened with me, Hercules fake love made me blind.

Hercules snatched everything from me as he promised me.

I told him that I'll never fall in love with him but he promised me, that he'll make me fall in love with him.

I told him that "I won't let him enter in my world " and he promised that "soon you'll make me your world,"

today he threw me out of his life but I can't go back to my old life again, I have no destination, no ambitions, no hopes, and no reason to live this life nor I have the guts to write" by letter to my Family "

I was never the kind of person who gives up on her life so easily but he changed me, he completely f****d my life and Today I am standing in front of my death.

yeah, I am here to commit suicide because Hercules snatched everyone's reason for my breaths. I am madly in love with that bastard and now no one can take his place in my life.....................

I closed my eyes and jumped into the water..............


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