Mated to the Enemy (#4 of the Hyle pack)


V Verhoeven Fantasy

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Addie was living a peaceful life inside the Hyle pack. Until one day, another pack comes barging at her doorstep, demanding for her roommate, who had disappeared just a few days ago.

To make matters worse, the one searching for her roommate, claiming that she is his bride, turns out to be her very own mate.

Torn between the fate of her best friend and her deep feelings for someone who should be her enemy in the first place, drive Addie out of the Hyle pack. As she enters the most dark and scary part of her own life.


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my word against yours

After a quick visit up to my room, where I promised Addie that I wouldn’t be gone too long, so we would be able to celebrate our baby news further. Preferably just the two of us, in our bed, without any clothes on. The thought alone made me hard as a brick, and it made me promise myself, that I would get my ass out of the cells as soon as I poss……