Sweetwanderer987 Romance

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Scarlet Miller. A stunning, long legged
beauty who has made her brief
acquaintance with Mr Pearson a while
ago. She was the definition of beauty
and brains.

Everything changes when she finds
herself in trouble due to her fathers ill
fate at the poker table.

Her life is flipped upside down as she
helplessly has to live with him. The
situation grows complicated as Justin
Pearson and her grow closer than
either of them had expected.
But he can not give her anything close
to what she wants and Scarlett knows
that very well. He made certain of it.
Something epic is bound to result
when these two polar opposites


Tags: BillionaireRevengePossessiveOne-night StandKidnapPregnantPowerfulCEOTragedySweet
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The cool breeze tickled my bare shoulder as I stared up at the paneled ceiling. I was a little exhausted from last nights festivities. A frown of confusion settled between my brow remember, clearly, that I had fell asleep on the couch in Justin's study after we had gotten home.
He ran some calls, and by some I mean a lot, to more than one Pri……