Owned By TJ


Jeff Erno LGBT+

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Jason has always fantasized about jocks, and one in particular looms larger than life in his fantasies. TJ is the most popular jock on campus. He’s muscular, self-confident, and charming, with a cocky, authoritative attitude. Jason dreams of a day when TJ will notice him and become his bud.

However, when TJ finally does notice him, what TJ has in mind is FAR from friendship. Quickly Jason discovers a cruel, sadistic side of his former hero and before he even knows what’s happening, he finds himself trapped into sexual servitude unlike anything he could ever have imagined. Any attempt to free himself from TJ’s control proves futile, and Jason finally resigns himself to the fact that he’ll remain TJ’s slave indefinitely…that is, until another Master emerges. One Jason would submit himself to gladly…body and soul.


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Chapter 9-2

As Brian was saying this shit, his cock was growing right in front of my eyes. He stared down at himself as he spoke, not yet signaling me to go ahead and start sucking, but obviously anticipating my slippery, warm mouth. The way he’d been talking about me seemed to indicate that he’d forgotten I was even in the room.

Finally, Brian did ac……