Protecting the Presidents' Daughter

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Being raised in the public eye was hard. Being raised in the public eye by one of the most profitable billionaires in the United States, even harder. Gwendolyn Titus spent her entire life being the daughter of the controversial billionaire turned reality star. Getting used to being in the eye of a never ending hurricane came easy to Gwendolyn, but when her father announces his 2020 run for presidency, Gwen has a new normal to get used to. One of those being Gideon Jones.

Gideon spent his entire youth fighting in illegal fighting rings, earning himself enough money to get out of the business. The one hard criminal was now working in the United States secret service, where he is f****d to baby sit the billionaire tycoon, Donovan Titus' family. It's not long after watching over his daughter, Gwendolyn before he's immediately enthralled. There's o problems; she's out of his league, and he's merely a bodyguard...


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