My Tormentor Is My Lover

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I found myself under the cold shower, fingers tightening around my throat. Black dots danced around my eyes. “Pl.. please..” I gasped out. This time his hold was terrifying I was sure I was going to die. “I am—I, I’m sorry.” I didn’t know why I was apologizing, but I also didn’t know what else to do to make this horrible man go away.
“Who are you?!!” He asked again, more threatening than the first time.
“Mrs. Rose Johnson Kapoor,” I whisper yelled my name, tears slipping down my cheeks mixing with the cold water as I sobbed.
The tight grasp around my throat jerked for a moment, lessening the force, but then as if it had angered him even more, he came closer to my face, his nose brushing mine as he roared, “Who the fuck are you?!!!”
And, I heard him. My lion.
“A lioness!!” I screeched.
Dragging me to the small mirror on the wall, he forced me to turn around and looked at my reflection then holding my injured hand for me to see, he whispered into my ear, “You couldn’t be. A lioness is a fucking queen, not a coward.”

Ryan Johnson had shown what Rose was capable of feeling. He had shown her what it was like to belong to him. So, now Rose is ready to fight back. She'll cross oceans to meet the father of her child and this time she had some of her own lessons to teach him. After all, she had learned from the best.
Ryan had seen Rose Kapoor, he had seen what she looks like in a fit of rage but now he'll face Mrs. Rose Ryan Johnson and for once he'd want to be on his knees and worship his queen.
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