One Angel for Two Devils - Final book

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After Selina sacrifices herself to eliminate Melina’s black magic, Aurora take place as the moon goddess while both her mates and god guardians leave with her to the heaven. Sith, Seth, Thiru, Semi, Delex and Roman continues to fulfil their responsibilities with the support of their mates and seconds, and thirds.
Their children Ke, Kev and Nuri grown as normal children with the vampire, werewolf, mermaid, angel, witch, demon and god blood ran in their ve. These three were very connected with each other till Ishi comes to their life with an ulterior motive which is unknown to all of them. She filled Nuri’s mind agat her family members, especially agat Ke and Kev.
As a result, her relationship with others get worsen, and she get isolated. Before the day of Nuri’s 18th birthday, she gets raped to death by the people send by Ishi. By using the grievance of Nuri’s family members regard her death Ishi continues to destroy whole supernatural world slowly.

What will happen after that?
The moon goddess, her grandma Aurora will give Nuri another life, by revising the time and giving some vital information about her mission as one of three supreme warriors. After identifying real enemy and friends how will she correct her mistakes in the chance she has got?
How will she punish Ishi?
How will she protect whole supernatural world including their kingdoms?
Will she be able to protect the supernatural world and lived happily with her mates in this chance she got?
Will the chance go infertile, and her destiny will be the same as in her previous life?
Keep in touch to know what will exactly happen in the future.


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