Behind The Name [Lesbian Story]


Czymishe Feinhollow LGBT+

19717 reads

Jun Crawford is an average teenage girl, who loves playing basketball as much as she loves playing computer games.

Jun had her fate intertwined with the smart and beautiful, Sheila Eclaire. Both of them were completely opposites, yet that was what brought them together. Growing up together, they became best friends. But little did they know that their friendship didn't stay that way.

Pulling on strings once again, fate had attached them both to an online game, where users aren't allowed to reveal their real names.

Unexpectedly, they have met each other virtually, believing it was a totally random stranger.
Time flew and they grew attached to each other, though one does not feel the way the other does.
But will Time tell what they feel for each other?

Fate has pulled its string, but will the strength of Love be strong enough for them to unveil the truth behind the name?


Tags: friends to loverstomboystudentsweetgxg
Latest Updated
Extra: A Secret in the Infirmary

Monday madness was about to begin, though my eyes were fixed at Jun and Sheila; I'm quite happy that they are together again, even if it's not truly official, I still feel glad for them. Having Sheila back just removes the gloom around our table, which makes me very happy. Though, I hope I could feel what they feel every time their eyes meet, bu……


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