Seaweediswild Vampire/Werewolf

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Amihan moves to a foreign country to escape the dangers of what she once called home. Eighteen with two of her adopted children, she seeks refuge in Finland in the hopes that she and her children can move on from the tragedies that her family faced. Never knowing that she’ll be plunged in to another much more foreign world from the one she knows

Filtiarn is known as the Alpha who closed off his pack from the outside but also as the Alpha who made his once low ranked pack into something to be respected. He never imagined that his own mother would take in a human family under her care and welcome her into his pack territory. He also never thought this human would be his mate, the rarest occurrence to ever happen for werewolves.

With a past that is coming to ruin everything for Amihan, she worries for that day to come and now she has to worry about the man who is trying to know the secrets she keeps too close to her heart. Would she be able to keep it and survive?


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27. The Problem


It feels strange, the mark and the bond, that often feels like someone is inside my mind other than me, it’s a presence that is there from time to time and I don’t mind it since I know it’s only Filtiarn. His hand on my thigh as we continued dinner with the neighboring Alphas. I’ve offered to give food for the warr……