Rooms Suspense/Thriller

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o siblings and a stranger boy became best friends in their childhood, since then they were eparable. Patrick had feelings for his best friend, Destiny.
They grew up playing together, she was a beautiful smart and talented girl in college while he was the hottest boy. Patrick went agat his mother's wish and fell in love with Destiny.
Her brother, Nick knew all this and he was happy to give his sister to his best friend rather than marrying her with a stranger. But he doesn't know, no one knows what deep secret is he hiding in his heart.
What will he do to save his love from the men who are attracted to her just by a curse. Will he able to protect her and save her from the cruel men, who lust for her body or will he allble to protect her by the help of the spirits.
What if he's the reason she died mercilessly?
What effect did her death do to her husband and her brother?
Will the never ending friendship turn into never ending hatred?
How will he handle the death of his wife and the unborn child?


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