Insanity - A Tale Of Love And Jealousy.

Rooms Horror

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Growing up, siblings Nick and Destiny live a happy life with their childhood friend Patrick. The trio's kinship is further strengthened by the union of Patrick and Destiny in a holy matrimony. However, when the siblings are involved in a fateful accident, Patrick's faith is put to the test in his desperate attempt to save his sanity by making a deal with the devil, all in the name of love.


Tags: ParanormalCultDarkPossessiveKarma/DestinySensitiveBxG
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Character Sketch.

Destiny Morgan: Sweet, sarcastic and a bubbly girl. Lives with her brother and a male childhood best friend. After the death of her parents, they moved to another town and she lived her best life until weird things started happening in her life.

Patrick Collins: A handsome, tall and young college boy, head over heels in love with Destiny ……