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Divya Bharathi Romance

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A middle class girl named Niranjana who is pampered by her family, dreams about a prince charming from fairy-tales which were told to her by her grandmother.When she grows-up something brings a change in her and she realizes the reality that all prince charming tales would always remain as stories.
On the other hand, surya who never received love from his rich parents is forced in an arrange marriage with Niranjana.
Will they regain their lost childhood wishes in this marriage?Will they fall for each other in this regaining process?


Tags: ForbiddenPossessiveSexLove after MarriageKarma/DestinyArranged MarriageSunshinePrincessRoyaltyKnightDreameSeed2019BxG
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57. Determination.

Niranjana's p.o.v.

I moved silently observing everything around me,searching for anything which could help me to escape.I convinced my food provider or food giver, that I wanted to go to rest room and I was glad that the restroom was some where else.It gave me some opportunity to look at my environment.

My food giver turning back gla……