Forgotten Love (Vol I)

Nitasha Romance

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'Sequel to Everlasting Love'

o broken soul, one tragic accident, forgotten memories but their Everlasting Love unknowingly binds them together.

Wali Azad forget the love of his life, his life Talia. After so much suffering finally Talia and Wali got together but one accident change everything in their life. Wali have forgot their Nikkah, their love and their romance but Talia Jabran can never give up on Wali Azad and she will not. She will remind him again about her and will get back her place in his life and heart. Continued the journey of them to see what destiny have more stored hidden for them.


Tags: billionairepossessivefamilylove after marriagefatedpregnantarranged marriagegoodgirlcomedy
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