His Scarred Mate

JAmersy Vampire/Werewolf

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"I can't face it again, Zavian! Don't you get it?" Freya yelled, tears streaming down her face. "I'm scarred," she whispered, falling to her knees.

"It doesn't matter, Freya," Zavian whispered, kneeling down in front of her. "You're beautiful to me." He gently traced his fingers over the marks on her arms.

"You don't understand," Freya whispered dejectedly. "Not just my body, my heart has been shattered too."

"Well, my Cinderella, haven't you heard? The strongest hearts, have the most scars," he whispered cupping her face, smiling proudly.


Freya Osbourne - a quiet, human girl, working at a cosy cafe. She is new in town, with only one motive in her mind: leave her dark, abhorrent past behind, and start a new life - away from all trouble, and all evil. What happened to her has battered her faith in humanity, and haunted her to dread the opposite gender to a point, where she cannot even find it in her to make eye contact with any man.

Zavian Hayder - an Arabic fighter, perhaps the toughest warrior of his pack. A pitch black werewolf with glittering gray eyes and a mysterious, yet charming personality. No one was ever good enough to catch his attention, yet a new, quiet girl in his town seems to be driving him crazy, even while refusing to glance at him. He is adamant on knowing what made her this way, and she is adamant on staying away from him.

A rollercoaster romance, filled with ups and downs. Add a splash of fate and magic, and you have the story of Zavian, and Freya, His Scarred Mate.

Warning - Includes sexual abuse, suicide attempts, violence, and other mature and dark themes, so please do not read if any of these could be potential triggers.


Tags: Karma/DestinyForcedSecond ChanceSensitiveParanoidWarriorBeastDramaBxG
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Chapter 35 - Laughing

The day went by quickly, and soon Freya's shift at the cafe was over. Her heart kept fluttering as that time approached, because she knew that Zavian would be dropping her home that day. She quickly wrapped her stuff up, and called Zavian.

"Yeah, I'm right outside," Zavian said as soon as he picked her call up.

"Already? Hav……