His Scarred Mate


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"Stay away from me!" Freya screamed, completely out of her mind. She felt like she would die, her breath becoming heavier and heavier. Flashbacks consumed her, and Zavian was no longer Zavian to her, it was Damien.

"Freya, calm down!" Zavian yelled back, pinning her against the elevator wall.

"Help!" Freya screamed at the top of her voice, gasping for air. She punched Zavian across the face, but it didn't affect him. "Stay away from me Damien!" She screamed, as she kept fighting him.

"It's me, Freya, listen to me. It's Zavian. I'm not Damien," Zavian told her repeatedly, but she kept pushing him away. Zavian felt the elevator stop with a jerk, and he looked at what what floor it was, but he froze when he realized that it had stuck. The lights started to flicker, and Freya panicked further, her screams getting louder, her struggles getting harder. He tried to talk to her, but she wasn't listening. It was as if she wasn't in the same place anymore.

"Don't touch me!" She cried, gasping for air. Zavian had no option but to catch hold of both her wrists, and he pinned them behind her back. Freya kept struggling, pushing him away, and sobbing, and Zavian could see her condition deteriorating. He knew he had to find a way to calm her down.

"Freya, hey, look at me," he whispered to her, but her eyes remained shut as she kept screaming.

"Freya," he tried again, now using only one of his hands to pin her wrists behind her back. He used his free hand to cup her cheek. "Freya. Open your eyes!" He yelled at her, and she froze. Still crying, she opened her eyes, but the only one she saw was Damien.

"Freya, look at me. It's Zavian, I'm not Damien. It's Zavian, Cinderella. It's me. Zavian." He kept repeating, and he found her becoming slightly calm. He let go of her wrists, and pulled her to himself, wrapping his arms around her securely.

"Shhh. You're safe, with me. You're safe."


Freya Osbourne - a quiet, human girl, working at a cosy cafe. She is new in town, with only one motive in her mind: leave her dark, abhorrent past behind, and start a new life - away from all trouble, and all evil. What happened to her has battered her faith in humanity, and haunted her to dread the opposite gender to a point, where she cannot even find it in her to make eye contact with any man.

Zavian Hayder - an Arabic fighter, perhaps the toughest warrior of his pack. A pitch black werewolf with glittering gray eyes and a mysterious, yet charming personality. No one was ever good enough to catch his attention, yet a new, quiet girl in his town seems to be driving him crazy, even while refusing to glance at him. He is adamant on knowing what made her this way, and she is adamant on staying away from him.

A rollercoaster romance, filled with ups and downs. Add a splash of fate and magic, and you have the story of Zavian, and Freya, His Scarred Mate.

Warning - Includes flashbacks of sexual abuse, suicide attempts, violence. Could trigger some readers.


Tags: fatedforcedsecond chancesensitivewarriorbeastdramabxg
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