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Meet Dominique Dubois. An 18 year girl forced to move to a new town in attempt to run from her past, starting a new school in the small quiet town of Steinville, USA. At first, all seems to be going well for her until strange things begin to occur. Things do not add and she finds in herself not being able to trust anyone around her, not even her own family and soon finds out that her life is nothing but natural.


Tags: VampireWerewolfLove-triangleFriends to LoversHighschoolGoodgirlWitchComedySweetBxG
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| 4 | Booties and Saviours.


O N E  W E E K  L A T E R.

I survived.

One whole week of torture and still alive and kicking.

It was hell yes, waking up at 7 am to get ready, being ripped away from my sleep to go to 6 hours of torture at school.


Today Robyn had to leave for work early so she cou……