Sleeping with Demon Ⅱ

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“Why the hell do you fall for a policewoman?” Rob didn’t know the answer. He thought he would never fall for anyone. As the King of the gangland, he treated women like toys. Yet, the decent policewoman named Davina changed that.
He knew there was no happy ending for them. Their relationship blossomed, withered yet never died out.
*This is a sequel to Sleeping with Demon, which mainly tells about the love story between Rob and Davina. *
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"Unyielding air..." He licked her pink neck, collarbone, and a rib. "Even if the man treats you this way, you are still calm.”


"That depends on who the man is..." She shrank the soft body and the sound was soft.


His tongue slipped to her chest, then landed on her bud. He circled his fin……