The Paddy


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“Do you love your father?” I asked him breaking the silence.

“Yes, I do. He’s the only father I have. Whether I like it or not, that’s the truth. It’s sad. It may even hurt. But they say that truth hurts sometimes. It’s a strange fact. But that is life,” he answered giving me a sad look.

I paused for a moment. He was right. In this life, there’s only one father. “But how do you deal with your father’s anger?” I asked again.

“Love defeats hatred. You can’t defeat fire with fire, nor hatred with hatred. Nobody wins.”


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The Paddy

By Michael Juha



When I was twelve, I used to visit a rice paddy a few meters away from our house. The paddy, measuring like 150 square meters, was situated at the foot of a hill which teemed with wild plants. I liked the place so much because on its edge,……