Wall Street Seduction

Gabriele Valencia Billionaire

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Scarlett Heart is the heart throb of the wall street. Attractive, ambitious, intelligent, and sexy as sin. She has never lacked any attention from men, they chase her, they want her, but they never get her.

From the outside, she seems perfect. Being The CEO of a thriving company in Wall Street, surrounded by high profile individuals, and loved by plenty. She has it all.

Yet she had not always been that way, even Scarlett has a secret.

She used to be the ugly duckling in middle school. The unwanted girl. The Loner. The one they called "a freak"

After years of bullying, and experiencing a heartbreak, she decided to transform herself into the woman she is today.

After leaving her past behind, she finally has a moment of peace, until a storm entered her life in the form of two striking men.

What would happen if someone she used to love from her past returned back to her life after all these years while she is being chased by a hot and powerful billionaire at the same time ?


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Chapter 28: The Exquisite Sight

Chapter 28: The Exquisite Sight

"Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up"

-Leonardo Da Vinci-


It was Saturday morning, Scarlett had only woken up in an unfamiliar bed which belonged to her brother. She spent thirty seconds on her bed contemplating her whole entire existence……