Billionaire's Desire

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Billionaire series

Book 1 : Billionaire's Desire



When Angelina Hawthorne called devil to herself, she had no idea of who he was but how attractive he looked. She was a different person then, she had everything then but now she is changed woman and Devil is the last thing she would want in her life.

Ethan Ellsworth, the cold, hotshot Billionaire known for his player demeanour and the tabloid covering him as a feared yet attractive one, thought he had rules that he won't break but that's what he did when he saw the Angel. Breaking one he reaches her but what's a question in all of it is how many he is gonna break for her? But she changed and that too made her more attractive.

When Devil and Angel meet, will there be a moments of ecstasy or fire? Ecstacy or fire! Aren't these words same in one way when one has Desire?
What's gonna serve them after they fall away or fall over each other?
Can devil love an Angel?
Or its just a desire!
Well that's what Angel questions the whole time?


Cast :

Nina Dobrev And Nick Bateman


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