Atonement (#2 of the Spike pack)


V Verhoeven Fantasy

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Luke is the Gamma of the Spike pack. While being commited to his role inside the pack, he is internally struggling with his inner demons. His true mate after all, had rejected him, for the sole reason of him not being powerful enough. In his own rage, Luke decided to live his life without a mate, making every wrong decision after the other in his life.

But what would happen, if Luke would be able to find love again? To find a mate again? Would she be able to see through all of the mistakes that he would have made in his life? Would she be able to love him, just for being the Gamma, and not the Alpha? Or would her own demons be too dark and evil for her, to be able to love at all?


Tags: second chancebxgwerewolvesrejected
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5 years later…

5 years later…


Bree’s P.O.V.


I sighed, as I slowly started to wake up. It was still dark outside, but my body had grown used to waking up so early by now. That during the days when I would be able to sleep in, I still would wake up at the crack of dawn. I smiled, as I felt lips against my n……


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