Twisted Hearts


Talanip LGBT+

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First loves are always the greatest kind of loves.
Gabriel Hastings lives a twisted life, under the scrutiny of his stepmother and love of his father. He has built an empire from the ground up and looks to be at the top. That is the façade he has created, this façade quickly breaks apart when his childhood friend/Lover Sebastian strolls back in his life.

Together they are thrown into the secrete service, forced to infiltrate a world of dark lies and twisted minds. It's kill or be killed and they can only really on each other. For Gabriel, he has to learn to trust the man he loved, but when secretes start being revealed Gabriel has to make the ultimate decision.


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Chapter 9: When hearts break.

The wind softly ruffled his hair, a shiver raced up his spine as he swallowed thickly. The world could close in on him and he wouldn't even notice. His heart hurt, his head was pounding. 

It felt like from underneath him the world had given way, he was always the problem somehow. From the confides of his mind, he could hear……