The Nanny Affair


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I noticed how he shifted closer to me, like his body was pulled into my magnetism. I couldn't help but wonder, "Is he going to touch me?"

Hadley James is a recently graduated BBA looking for a gig to pay her bills. When nothing seems to be going her way, she applies to be a nanny at an undisclosed location. Upon arrival, she meets the man her heart has always been searching for.

Ashley Wilder is looking for someone to raise his children ever since his wife vanished three years ago. When the saucy Hadley James shows up in his life, he's got to reconsider everything that he knows is right.. versus everything that feels wrong.


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“We honestly thought when Jessica was pregnant the first time, it was a miracle.  She was always drawing him away, and we all knew they were doing it like rabbits. When she became pregnant the second time, I thought those doctors had been wrong. All wrong—and thanked Heaven for it.  But the truth of it is, Ashley would have never known……