Daughters of the Empire

Nahdiya Nixon Qedea Sci-Fi

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Angel Trend and Lena Rigmore are two girls born of the highest and richest power. Two girls from two different planet but with the same responsibility.
Angel Trend, 19 years old and the leader of the Angel Warriors and her father's right-hand trustee, is given a mission along with her six siblings to leave her home-planet to Earth to battle her Uncle Cybord for the faith of human-mankind.

Lena Rigmore, the youngest of five siblings and who also has a responsibility as an Soul Searcher, humans with rare abilities to look after both humans and their kind and take their lost souls to the rightful place. But when Lena finds out that she comes from a bloodline of more than just Soul Searchers.


Tags: VampireCultDarkTeleportationOpposites AttractWarriorKnightComedyTwistedGirlpowerContest
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Our history has been the same for over a billion years; when time began there was The Sun, no one knows where it comes from, we only know that it holds the power to create planets, worlds and of course... us. The Sun fills them with life, which is how our race was born. There was a time we once all lived in peace and harmony. But like all great ……