Hush//Jimin FF

Liz Sorora Fanfiction

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Target:Park Jimin

Mission: Steal the exam papers

A nerd that has the hopes off her fellow classmates to fulfill.

Will she succeed at taking the exam paper from her Professor!

Or will she get herself in the most troubled situations of her life?


Tags: PossessiveManipulativeNerdGoodgirlSensitivePowerfulStudentProfessorK-popDrama
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Chapter 30

You were looking back and forth on the empty road waiting for the taxi that Taehyung said that had called for you to come and take you but instead of a taxi you got a phone call and it sudden buzzing startled you making you jump a little on your place .

You looked at the caller's ID and you immediately got worried up to why Sira would be c……