The Be(D)st Friend (18+) I COMPLETED

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"I think my pussy and your dick has a tryst. Just saying."

After several years of being best friends, Ethan Kane and Kiara Sharma's senior high school experience is about to get more excited, like a roller coaster ride; going up and down - literally and figuratively.


His lips curled at the corner nipping at my neck, my breath labouring again as his warm breath sent delicious tingles all over my body.

"So, is it okay if I do this?"

He brushed his knuckles against my sex.

I gasped at the feeling. I couldn't believe he was here, hovering above me, looking at me with his diamond-like eyes as if I was some angel.

I snapped back to reality when he took my hand which was still covered with my juices . . . and sucked it. I bit back my moan when he growled swirling his tongue around my fingers, licking them clean.

"Spread your legs, Kiara," he said in his husky voice removing my fingers from his mouth.


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