A Promise Of Love (Circus Series book 1) Completed


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Emmeline Morales is the most acclaimed silk and hoop aerialist in a famous circus in Louisiana, the Gaelick Circus. Along with her husband, they are the crowd’s favorite, until one fateful night during their performance, a fatal accident leaves her widowed.

Leaving the circus, she forgets about her promise to him to move on with her passion and to find love again, until one day the circus owner calls her back for a big show. Can she find the courage to get in the air once again?

Amari Doulkas is a famous billionaire, who’s family brought him to the states from Greece when he was just a baby. Getting his face planted on magazines and newspapers, he is well known in the city of Boston. After seeing on the news that Freddie, his best friend is about to lose his circus thanks to a lawsuit, he makes the decision to go back home and help him by buying him off with the condition that he should pretend to be the boss still and let Amari work for him instead.

Memories of his teenage years in the aerial hoop come to mind as he once again explores the place that had given him a home and a chance to live.

When he meets Emmeline after her return, it will be up to him to heal her heart while convincing her to go back to what she used to love the most. Second chances are sure to wait for you in this romantic drama.


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Epilogue: A Promise Of Love



“Dad, I’m scared,” John said as Amari tried to get him on the hoop for the first time. I stood there, watching my husband kneel in front of him with a reassuring smile. 

“It’s normal to be scared. I was scared the first time trying it and I was way older than you.” He mentione……