Everlasting Love

N.Rahes Romance

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Talia Jabran is a young girl who saved all her love in her life just for her husband. She believes that she only wanted to fell in love with her husband . She was innocent , hopeless romantic and have a dream of prince charming as a husband.But destiny has different plans for her.

Wali Azad is a man of Talia Jabran's dreams.He was one who destiny choose for Talia. He is reserved, bipolar and heartless that what Talia think about him. He always angry and cold towards Talia but who actually Wali Azad is? Is he hiding something from her?


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Chapter Fifteen

She came out from her room and walked downstairs. It was two in night and she was feeling thirsty. She entered inside the kitchen and turned on the lights. She walked and took out glass from fridge then poured it in the glass, and drank it when her mind went up in past, the past which was beautiful as well not painful.

Flash back: