Tha Unwanted Mate

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Winter Sony is the Beta's daughter of the Diamond Jewel Pack. Winter parents Peter and Jill Sony always made time for there family.Winter is the youngest out of her four silbings .She is a very beauitful, kind heart and smart girl all her family and friends love her . Winter has not found her mate yet.Beside loving school she can't wait to find her mate .

Kaden and Jaden Wyches is the soon to be Alpha of the Diamond Jewel Pack .They both are very arrogant ,sexy and handsome, the both of them don't want a mate . They both think a mate will make them weak,that there enemies will use that agat them. Kaden and Jaden love being a player they can have any women that they want day or night in there bed .

Will Kaden and Jaden accept Winter as their mate or will they keep being player or will Winter be there unwanted mate.
LET'S FIND OUT------------------


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