Sophia's Nightmare

Fae D. Duncan Sci-Fi

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Pulling on my bomber jacket, I yell, "Saskia, I found a crystal dealer. I'm heading out to get one."
Saskia Frey, my first mate, walks into the flight cabin, pulling on her jacket, "I've told Kian to watch the children and the ship while we head out."
Nodding, I yell out a quick goodbye to everyone before strutting down the ramp. Saskia and I score a rare hover cab. I input the coordinates and sit back for the ride. We zoom through the city in silence.


Tags: SexKidnapFamilyForcedFriends to LoversDominantSubmissiveKickass HeroinePrincessRoyalty
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Chapter 1

“Oh, hell,” I mumble, staring at the crystal. The crystal is what runs my ship. Its busted. Dead. Like I will be if I miss Dad’s birthday – again.

            I stand up and walk to the window bank. Is there a dealer on this backwater rock? I pull out my link and do an illegal search for crystal dealers on Sigma Laconda IV. Luckily……