Deceived By Her Billionaire


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Love conquers all... Love is the most potent magic... Love changes you...

I don’t know about others by my Love has undoubtedly changed me.... my life, my relations... even my name and identity.

Once I was Cynthia, an innocent, optimistic and loving girl, embarking on a beautiful journey of Love, but it was the same Love that killed Cynthia, giving birth to Ashley, an angry, vengeful and bitter realist whose only purpose in life is to destroy Liam.

Ashley regains her strength and embarks on her journey of revenge. But there are surprises awaiting her.

Would she ever find out why she was sentenced to a fate far worse than death when her only crime was to love Liam with her heart and soul? Would she ever know why her Billionaire Deceived her?


Tags: billionairerevengelove-trianglepossessivesecond chancearrogantdominantpowerfuldare to love and hateweak to strong
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Chapter 83

“I don’t care. Even if you have to pay extra, get this shirt for me when you come back. I don’t like to leave my things with others. I always take back what is mine.”

She looked at him in disbelief. Why was he hell-bent on making things difficult for her? She took a deep breath and tried again. “Mr. William, I would not li……