Mob Mistress

Emma Mountford Romance

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**** You met them in Mob Princess and now you can follow Stefano and Lily on their own journey to find true love **


I have always had the worst luck with men and that didn’t change when I met Stefano. Dark and dangerous, he’s my best friends husbands right-hand man and I suspect a killer. But the heart wants what it wants and I can’t deny that I want him.

There’s only one problem… He’s already married and I won’t become his mistress no matter how much I want him.

Ok there’s more than one problem. He is the only person my friend trusts to keep me safe as she takes over the New York under world which means I’m stuck trying not to give in to him until its safe to go home.

He has so many secrets, secrets that will rock my world and bring new dangers into my life.

I’m just a nursing student from England, I’m not ready to be a Mob Mistress.


Lily… She had already been through so much but I just can’t stay away from her. She’s like a drug to me and if that means lying to keep her close then so be it.

She deserves a cookie cutter life with a man who will worship her and not a made man who has so much blood on his hands it’s a miracle they aren’t stained red.

She may just run screaming when I finally get her into bed… Not that I will ever let her go. I am not man enough to do that.

One way or another she will belong to me.

***This is book 2 of The New York Underground series but can be read as a standalone***


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