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BOOK 1 of Celtic Series.

What happens when you find out one day that you have magical powers? Amazing! Right?

actually, NO!

My name is Silver Parsons. I have lived in an orphanage for 7 years and later I was adopted by Ellen Parsons. My life was nothing special until one day when my foster mother's boyfriend tried to take advantage of me. That was the time, when I realized
that I am not an ordinary girl but a human with enormous power, power to freeze anything.

After that incident, My life took a turn of 180 degrees and my whole world gets twisted. I become a walking invitation for troubles and enemies. I tried to run away from the reality of mine; but only to fall in depth of complicated issues.

I have left with the only option, to accept myself. But it's not that easy.

First, I have to find out, Who am I?

ps: This one is not going to be your regular story. Please mind the strong words.


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The sun was about to set, and the last rays were falling on the icy walls of the castle, makes them appear like the brilliant fire is burning and coursing its way to the ground. The reflection of the sunrays was hitting the walls of the palace and it scatters a blazing orange hue that engulfs the whole kingdom in its light. Little stars were twi……