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VERGLAS (Complete)

Ashea Sparks Fantasy

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BOOK 1 of Celtic Series.

What happens when you find out one day that you have magical powers? Amazing! Right?


My name is Silver Parsons. I have lived in an orphanage for 7 years and later I am adopted by Ellen Parsons. My life was nothing special until one day when my foster mother's boyfriend tried to take advantage of me. That was the time, when I realized
that I am not an ordinary girl but a human with enormous power, power to freeze anything.

After that incident, my life took a turn of 180 degrees and my entire world gets isted. I be a walking invitation for troubles and enemies. I tried to run away from the reality of mine; but only to fall in depth ofplicated issues.

I have left with the only option to accept myself. But it's not that easy.

First, I have to find out, Who am I?

Ps: This one will not be your regular story. Please mind the strong words.


Tags: kickass heroineprincesswarriorqueencomedytwisted
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