Querencia World Book 1: My Unexpected King

January Garneth Romance

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My eyes wander around until finally her eyes and my eyes met, I've lost in her gaze.

Her warm blue eyes, it is captivating. She is gorgeous.

For a while, I felt the World stop and forget about our situation until she yelled at me.

“Pull me up” I’m startled but pull her up anyways, it’s like my body has a mind of its own, it moves naturally.

I don’t know where I get that strength to be able to pull her up; almost half of her body lifts.

I almost got her, but there’s a loud sound that rings in my ears cause me to let my grip loose on her arms.

I shut my eyes as I cover my ears and I groan “Arrghhh” then in quick seconds, I do not hear it anymore.

I heard someone yelling “Aaaah.” I snap immediately; I look around the woman is falling.

But still, I knew she even in my reach, without thinking I dive.

I envelop her whole body in my arms. I manage to flip and change our position while falling in the air, from a thirty-floor high building.

I held her as I close my eyes. I know we were going to fall. I don’t know if it means that death knocks at my door.

“No, I don’t want her to die” that suddenly comes in my mind.

“I open my eyes to feel the air passing through my skin,

“What the heck I ‘am thinking?” I scolded myself.

I’m willing to die for I don’t want this woman to die.

Note: Please notice I use o-character POV; in every title of the chapter; the character of Cedric and Princess Sierra. I indicate in the title chapter who is the POV speaking in the chapters.


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