Killing Roses


Ekridah Éster Suspense/Thriller

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- Thrilling tale in which a troubled, young Detective has to keep a stubborn, sassy social worker out of the clutches of a shadow-faced killer-

"""----Roman made a face. "You can't just trust anyone, especially not now."

Valerie held up her hand. "That's enough, Mr Detective," she said in a bored tone. "Don't you have a case to solve? I'm alive, you've seen that, so you can run along now."

Roman's eyes narrowed in irritation. The silence stretched beeen them and when Val saw his eyes darken, she quickly turned hers away, shamelessly retracting her silent challenge. "That mouth of yours..." he growled. "...will get you into trouble one of these days."

Valerie suddenly felt how exposed her long legs were in her short robe. She knew she was crazy to be feeling like that, but her breasts tingled either way, her nipples tightening in her pajamas.
"Maybe," she said, staring into his eyes. "I'm hoping it does."---"""

He was bad news.

Valerie was sure of it.

Short-tempered cops who looked like demigods from the Avengers were bad news.

Especially when they took your phone and discovered your kinky little secrets.

That was it. Valerie decided to make sure she steered clear of him.

Until she became the target of a psychotic killer and Detective Roman Parker was her only way to stay alive.


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“Yeah, Chief. I understand.” Roman nodded, listening closely to what Davis what telling him on the phone.

“I hope so, sonny,” said Davis, the concern he was expressing clear in his gravelly voice. “I didn’t say it earlier, but I could see it in your eyes. If you let th……