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Twenty-three-year-old Milo McLaren hates Valentine’s Day for the simple reason that his girlfriend of three years dumped him on this day just as he was about to propose to her. A year later, he meets the mysterious Kazuhiko Takefumi, a handsome Japanese businessman with cool blue eyes who is the business partner of a designer featured in the fashion magazine he works for. There is a magnetism about Kaz that is both attractive and intimidating.

When Milo finds out his ex is already engaged to someone else, he drowns his sorrow in a bottle of tequila that he shares with Kaz. This leads to them spending one hot night together, leaving Milo confused and a little more than terrified. This is his first time with a man, and he liked it. A lot. Maybe even a little too much. More than all the women he’d slept with in his life.

Denying his feelings, Milo convinces himself the night in Kaz’s bed is nothing more than a fling caused by poor judgment. But when their paths keep crossing, he is confronted by his attraction to the guarded Kaz. More and more Milo can no longer ignore the truth he has been repressing, that his feelings extend beyond just sex. Only it’s not that simple. Kaz has secrets that go beyond his talents between the sheets. Secrets both deadly and cruel that plunges Milo into a world he isn't willing to be a part of.


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Chapter Twenty-Six: Blindside

The next morning, Milo dozed in bed like a contented cat while Kaz showered. At first, the temptation to join the amazing sex god was strong, but he wasn’t sure he had another orgasm left in him. He was utterly spent—all languid limbs and lazy bones.

Since losing his virginity at the tender age of fourteen, sex was never a sprint for Milo.……