Rose and Her Mate

Stana Katic Vampire/Werewolf

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“Life is like roller coaster ride and I feel like I am riding it alone… all alone.”

Rose Keller’s life has always been messy. One fateful day she wandered a bit farther than she should have which resulted in her separation from her family. She was snatched by people who were greedy for power. She was saved by Samira and Alkira which gave her few blissful years of love and harmony. But who could predict future? A fight broke out and she was left to fend for herself at the prime age of 18. A few years later she was found by her family. But she was not alone. Her memories were gone and she has changed a lot. With a secret that could make or break her life she was lost in memories of her past.

What would happen when a stranger who does not look like one comes knocking at her door and took her to a place she has never been before? A place filled with happiness and love. Her dead heart once again becomes alive and she learns to live again. But how long would this happiness last as no one can predict future.


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Chapter- 25

Rose p.o.v-

I stood motionless as I gawked at the people standing in front of me. Grandpa Ben and Grandma Lizzy were here. They came to me. They had promised to come and visit me and I believed that but I did not think that it would be this soon. I was thinking that it would at least take them a month to come here with all the paper……