Sabina's Quest to Open the Portal in the Sun Pyramid

Martin Lundqvist Sci-Fi

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Having secured the Zeto Crystal, Sabina must choose between love and duty.

Sabina’s Quest to Open the Portal in The Sun Pyramid takes place straight after the ending of Sabina’s Pursuit of the Holy Grail. Mentally and physically scarred from her ordeal in Israel, Sabina finds solace in the handsome and empathetic Alexander McNeill, and she experiences romantic love for the first time. With the Zeto Crystal de-energised Sabina focuses on her relationship with Alex and raising funds for charity. Life is good for Sabina until one day when a new enemy emerges, which forces her to go to Mexico on the brink of civil war and face the difficult choice between love and duty.


Tags: AdventureTeleportationReincarnationTime-travelKarma/DestinyGoodgirlBillionairessDramaDreameSeed2019DarkDreame2019
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Later the same night, I was lying alone in my bed feeling miserable. I touched and studied the Zeto Crystal, but there was nothing that distinguished it from a typical sapphire. I felt remorseful, depressed, and full of angst. My innocence had been torn away forcefully in the last few months. It had started with Joshua’s damn party. I ignored my……