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MyDreamToFly Romance

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"Please, leave me alone. I beg you." The teenage beautiful girl was trembling with fear.

He was someone who cannot be anger by her. He is dangerous.

Grabbing her body holding her tightly against him,"I want you. It should be enough for you to stop resisting me."

With another word he kissed her cherry mouth passionately, holding her tightly in his warm embrace.

She felt him sucking her soul, Like A Devil.
Maybe he was A Devil….
He saw her everyday, Every single day, smiling, laughing, making cute face when she was angry at something.

He just can't control how his body reacts to her. He knows she is too young for him, so innocent. But he can't control it.

He is going to Claim her Innocent body and make it His.

After all, She is his INNOCENT VIRGIN.


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