Born In Violence ( A Mafia Romance book 2)

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Romano Bellucci is rich, powerful, ruthless, and calm. He is renowned for his calm right until he tangles himself with Mia, the illegitimate daughter of one of the most dangerous men in the world. A man she has never met or heard of until the night of her nieenth birthday when she is kidnapped right out of her grandmother's dingy house in Kenya straight to the auction on the black market.
Romano is no saint, but will he let this stunning girl on the verge of womanhood be hurled at the mercies of a group of men with no conscious? And will she trust him to save her?

I felt him before I saw him. His scent seduced my senses before his touch did. He stood behind me, his hands stroking my arms and his breath on my face.
"You looked beautiful on that runway. Red agrees with you" His whispers on my ear threw sensations through my whole body. I was trembling, conscious of every part of my body as he stood behind me, his presence heightening my pleasure. He was seducing me, and I knew it. His power surrounded me like a second skin.
"You have to stop running from me, haven't you learned that by now?" He informed me in a deep drawl.
That arrogance assurance caused me to turn around, coming face to face with him for the third time in my life.
"Why can't I shake you?"
"Because I'm unshakable" He drawled again.


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