The Alpha's Possession: The Choice

Serenity Warren Vampire/Werewolf

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"Do you really think you ever had a choice, my little one?"
The alpha devilishly asked while kissing the nape of my neck.
"I wish I did," I whisper, not fighting the blazing trail of kisses down my collar bone.
"Then, stop fighting me. Accept me. I am your alpha, after all."
"I will never accept you as my alpha nor as my mate."
"We shall see my little one. We shall see."


Pearl is at the bottom of her rope. If she doesn't find a job, she will be out on the streets. Day after day, she desperately hopes to hear at least one, yes, but she is turned away. Some are running from her the moment they hear her name.
Pearl receives a blank envelope with a stamp made of red clay and the initials CH engraved in the center. To her surprise, it is an application to work at Charleston Inn.


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