Im Mated To My Cousin

Chelsz Vampire/Werewolf

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*Spin off of Bunker Mate you dont need to read it to read this one but it might help with the background of some of the characters*

Teen years are some of the hardest years we all go through. This story goes through Alex and her struggles in school or at home, Both sides are different but we can all relate in a way which we were the 'popular' ones or the ones that didnt 'fit' in.

Alex a 15 year old she-wolf, struggles with fitting and being social, even being an alphas daughter she struggles she doesnt want to be with the popular kids or with a 'click' will finding her mate mean more trouble or will it help her.

Blake a 16 year old male-wolf, hes your typical high school boy, popular and has all the friends. Waited 2 years for his mate but once he finds her its his cousin will it make things worse for him or will it remain the same for him.


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Chapter 3


After me leaving school my parents didnt ask question just not to let it happen again, that was a week ago now and today it when Blake comes home im excited ive missed him all summer even when he missed my birthday which was the first one in our whole lives. 

It felt weird for me. We are never apart but he wanted to go to ……