Hunted Derick


Elon Desa Paranormal

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After spending four long years in the Council Prison, Derick Parks is finally free. His new journey awaits him and life has an unexpected humorous way of getting back at him for everything he has done.

"Explain to me how this is even remotely possible?" Derick yelled into the phone. He continued to pace the small space as he waited for her answer.
"What do you mean, D?" she asked softly. Derick looked down at the device in his hand and growled out in frustration.
"Explain to me how he is my mate?"

Carter is new to the pack and considered an Omega. When Derick gets confused and thinks Carter is his mate, he goes into denial and refuses to accept it.
(Derick is a character from the Loving Luna Series - Stephan's Book)


Tags: alphapossessivematearrogantdominantpowerfulomegaWriting challenge
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Authors Note

Hi Readers!

Can you believe it?! Derick's story is finally finished! I know it has been a long journey but I hope you enjoyed his story.

I want to say thank you for all the love, support, and comments you all shared with me during this time and I am so thankful for it. 

I appreciate all your patience and……


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