New Leaf

Hayat S.I NewAdult

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Do you know how it feels to be locked in a cage all your life, to have the shadow of a freedome?
Your life long dream is to finally be able to break free and be able to discover yourself.
Even if you had to leave everything you've ever known behind and start a new life in a new place.
The outside world may be dangerous but how worse than your actual life is?


Whenever I look at my reflection in the mirror I try to avoid looking deeply into my eyes, I try to hide what's ide my sole by reflecing to the people around me their own image of me; a small smile that never reaches my eyes, a lucky girl that has been born into a loving family, who has everything she could ever wish for, the strong and independent girl who does whatever she feels like, the girl that they all envied and wished to be her... but little did they now that this was not even close to the reality.


Join me on this ride of self discovery and the ups and downs during my jorney that also includes: loneliness, love, exposing secrets, excitment and many new adveturous.


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