Her Vampire Master

Jane Knight Vampire/Werewolf

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Charles the youngest in a clan of vampires finds a slip of girl in a back alleyway in 1881, he's possessive and dominant demanding not only her body and blood but her mind as well as her heart.

A spell gone wrong sends Elizabeth back in time, she's found and kept as a vampire's consort. Will she be able to change the timeline and escape from her vampire master or is she destined to be under his control no matter what time she finds herself in?


Tags: VampireBDSMPossessiveSexTime-travelForcedDominantTwistedBxGBxBGxG
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Abby looked in the mirror as she adjusted her black thick-framed glasses.  She stood at the sink a towel wrapped around her curvy figure, looking at her limp, wet auburn hair unsure of how to fix it for today.  She had an interview this morning and she was nervous, she needed this job, it was one that she would probably enjoy not just ……