The Unforgettable Ex

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The saddest thing in the world, is loving someone who used to love you.

Yes, I still love him. I still think about him. His face, his laugh, his love. Pero yung thought na ayaw na niya sa'yo?

It feels like your heart is getting ripped out and stomped on, and then someone is trying to pry open your chest to put it back.

It makes your stomach hurt, like it's nauseous. You feel like life isn't even worth living anymore, but you know you can't die, just in case that person wants you back.

But what if hindi na? habang buhay ka nalang bang aasa? habang buhay ka na lang bang maghihintay sa kanya? O uumpisahan mo nang kalimutan siya at magmahal ng iba?


Tags: Drama
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Chapter Nineteen

Chapter 19


I called Caleb and confronted him that night but things didn't go as I expected it to be.

"Bakit ka ba naniniwala do'n? Wala ka bang tiwala sa akin, huh?"

"Caleb, hindi 'yon! I'm just saying–"

"If that's what you want then fine! Let's cool off, Hailey! Pagod na ako!"

Dahil sa pa……