Their Forbidden Love

Angelica Guijon Vampire/Werewolf

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Karime was not happy with her life. Being the daughter of an Elder of the Vampire Clans Council you would think she would have everything she ever wanted and happiness would be one of the things she should have. Not true. Karime wanted what other couples of her kind had, she wanted love, passion....she wanted her mate...but after waiting for almost a century. she had lost hope of finding him.

Damian, the Alpha of the Yellow Moon Pack, never once thought about finding a mate. He was content with having different kinds of females in his bed every night. Who the hell would want to be tied to one single female for the rest of their lives?.....stupid, pathetic males...that's who. Damian was not stupid much less pathetic, he was the almighty alpha of one of the largest packs in the state of Washington. He would never be fool enough to have a mate....he would never be that weak. He couldn't be when he had to be on his game constantly to protect his people from the filthy vampire clans.

Can true-love conquer all? Can the lines between sworn enemies be crossed? Read Damian and Karime's story to find out.


Tags: ParanormalVampireWerewolfAlphaPossessivePackOpposites AttractPowerfulLunaDrama
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Chapter 27: Damian

She was out the door before anybody could react. Demetrio tried using his hyper speed to run too but Marcos had him on the ground before he could. Adeline glares at me as I push Celeste off of me and run after Karime. 

When I get outside. She is gone. Completely disappeared. I can't smell her scent anywhere. I howl. I shake and let De……