✔ In Love With A Killer! (Book One) (R-Rated) ✔

Vampire Whore Horror

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*Daily Updates* Los Angeles land of the rich and famous... and serial killers...

Something Gina and Charlotte Morrison found out the hard way when they lost their sister and now it's their own turn to face down the demons that roam The City of Angels.

(Rated R for Violence and Sexual sceenes)


Tags: MurderRevengeSerial-killerDarkForbiddenGangKidnapPregnantSadisticDominant
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The Aftermath

Breaking News!!!

In the early hours of this morning, A phone call was made from the mountains of LA, Californa. The reason; A horrific car crash involving 4 adults, One of which was heavily Pregnant, and a very small child.

It has now been confirmed that there is at least one fatality, An adult, though its unclear at the mome……