In love with my best friends brother (Book two)

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*Sequel to Addicted to my best friends brother*

It has been a year since Deacon and Hallie finally said those three special words...I love you. With every passing day they fall in love more but it has not been easy. There love has became pure...a sort of love none of them knew existed until they met each other. The passion...the want...the lust still there, stronger than ever. Their addiction for each other still strong, only this time it is done with love and not only sex.

Follow their journey of new experiences. Will they get their happy ending? Will they get everything they want? No one said love was easy but it sure is worth it.


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Epilogue - Five years later

*** Five years later ***

Hallie’s P.O.V

“I can’t believe Bella is starting school, where has the time went?” I said to Deacon

“I know it is crazy.” Deacon said

It was hard to believe Bella was now five years old, starting her first day of school, our little girl was growing up to fast…the years have flown in but they h……