Blood Mates


Jazmyne Jones Romance

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Jasper Wynter has lived in his small town Devil's Horns his entire life. And in the small town where everyone knows everything about you, he has gotten used to the nosy tendencies.

But when a new mystery rolls into town, Alaia Knight and her nomad family have to learn. And who better than the cute local boy who has a smile for her when she sees him?

The only thing is, Alaia knows the dangers, she worries about what will happen as she gets closer and closer to Jasper Wynter. But as the young woman with secrets of her own comes to realize what he means to her, one thing becomes certain.

Dating Jasper Wynter will surely be the death of him.

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Tags: independentdramabxgambitiousvampirehighschoolsmall townsupernaturalWriting AcademyWriting AcademyRomantic-Suspense Writing Contest
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Making Peace

Amelia sat at the graveyard wondering what possessed her to come here. Today of all days to do this. Cradling swollen belly, Amelia stroked it as her daughter kicked against her hand. Putting the flowers down, Amelia looked at the headstone feeling cold.  

Roosevelt M. Hawk.  




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